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Le Journal

Black Friday

Black Friday

Every year, Black Friday pushes us to consume more. We buy products that we don't really need or even really want just because the price is attractive.This leads to overconsumption and therefore ov...

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La 11.04 dans la presse

11.04 in the press

The Allemandi sneakers are in the spotlight in Gala! The style of the 11.04 and the philosophy of Allemandi caught the attention of the magazine, which chose Allemandi in its selection of fashion b...

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Le soin


Discover our maintenance tips for the 11.04 sneakers.

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L'art du détail

The art of detail

We have taken particular care in developing a box suitable for your pair of Allemandi sneakers. They will be delivered to you in this two-drawer box. The bottom drawer contains two cotton...

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The embossing

The distinctive sign of the 11.04: embossing. Discover the know-how necessary to create this particularity.

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Les belles matières

Beautiful materials

Discover our rigorous raw material selection process.

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