Our requirements in terms of quality, durability and aesthetics require us to use materials of animal origin such as leather. Thus, all the leathers we use come from animals raised primarily for the needs of the food industry.

100% of our leathers come from our partner tanneries, certified Gold by the Leather Working Group (LWG), the most demanding environmental standard in leather work.

Thus, the use of leather is the most eco-responsible choice as we optimize an existing material instead of creating a new one.


The soles of our sneakers are made from natural rubber, recyclable and whose degradation does not have an impact on the environment.


The cotton canvas used to make our bags is entirely woven in France and is made of 100% cotton, no synthetic materials in sight!

The weaving method makes it possible to have a thick and resistant fabric with a density of 360g/m2 while keeping flexibility and softness.


We wanted to provide you a packaging offering a great experience, but this was not done at the expense of ecology.

Indeed, our sneakers box is made from 100% recycled cardboard, FSC certified paper is recyclable and glued with a water-based glue without solvant.

The pouches are made of natural cotton et the other packagings are made of recycled and recyclable kraft cardboard.


Thanks to new production methods developed by our partner workshop, we are able to to optimise each piece of leather to reduce losses as much as possible.

Each leftover is then carefully kept in order to be reused to shape other elements of our products and stimulate our creativity.

This bias has also pushed us, with our partner, to favor a production system that halves the waste inherent in the production of our sole.

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