The workshops

The search for workshops to manufacture our products is a complex but exciting step. Indeed, we spend a lot of time looking for and meeting the workshops with which we plan to work in order to be sure that we are on the same wavelength both in terms of working conditions and level of requirement.

We therefore naturally entrusted the manufacture of our sneakers to a workshop located in the Porto region of Portugal, known for its know-how in the manufacture of shoes.

The leather goods are entirely designed and made in France in our Normandy workshop.


The materials

The materials and components are rigorously selected according to several criteria: quality, durability and low environmental footprint.

The leathers come from the best Italian tanneries. Tanning without adding chemical products or vegetable tanning depending on the products, gives them incomparable softness and suppleness.

The canvas we use is made of 100% certified cotton and is woven in France.

The sole of our sneakers and its characteristic feather pattern was developed especially for Allemandi from natural rubber.

The embossing

One of the particularities of the 11.04 is the embossing. A complex process, never used in the design of a shoe, whose 3D effects it generates give the 11.04 this unique shape. It thus allows the use of a single piece of leather and a minimum of seams to bring flexibility and comfort to these sneakers.


We use a relatively little used know-how: embroidery. Indeed, on the back of the 11.04 sneakers, you will find the Allemandi logo discreetly embroidered in tone-on-tone colors to blend in with the minimalist design of the sneakers.


The 11.04 sneaker has been designed to offer you optimal comfort and support. The main structure is designed like a slipper before being sewn to the sole. The embossing makes it possible to use only one piece of leather and brings great flexibility to the basketball. Finally, the removable leather insole completes the comfort.

The concept of comfort also applies to our other products. The handles of the bag, for example, have been designed to allow you to carry it by hand or on the shoulder.