To give you entire satisfaction, ALLEMANDI sneakers will require a little attention from you.

Suede calfskin is a delicate material that requires regular care to maintain its original condition. We recommend that you apply a waterproofing spray before first use and repeat this operation regularly and after each cleaning.

Over time, your sneakers may need a little maintenance. For light cleaning, brush your sneakers with a soft brush to remove dust and residue. Then, use a "crepe" type brush to restore the suede to its original shine and finish by applying a protective spray.

The sole can be gently cleaned with soapy water, taking care not to soak the suede.

If your sneakers require deeper maintenance, be sure to use products specifically designed for cleaning suede calfskin (also called suede). If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact our customer service at

Finally, to preserve their shape, we recommend that you use a pair of shoe trees when you are not wearing your sneakers.