Notre boutique de Noël 🎄

Our Christmas shop 🎄

Allemandi sets up its Christmas shop from December 1st to 31st at 10 Passage Verdeau in the 9th arrondissement for its Christmas popup store!...

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Le cabas 14.03

The 14.03 cabas

Here is our first piece of leather goods: the 14.03 cabas! The Allemandi bag is a concentrate of French know-how. The weaving of its cotton canvas...

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Pop-up store parisien

Parisian pop-up store

We invite you to come and visit us at our pop-up store to discover our 100% Made in France novelty. See you at 10 Passage Verdeau, Paris 9th from ...

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Rendez-vous aux Abbesses !

See you at the Abbesses!

To start the new year on the right foot, come visit us at our pop-up store and discover or rediscover the comfort of 11.04 sneakers. We are wa...

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Retrouvez-nous sur SAM. eshop !

Find us on SAM. shop!

The world of e-commerce welcomes a newcomer: SAM. shop. Created by Samuel Pillard, this new online sales site specializing in fashion promises to i...

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La 11.04 DIY 🐟

The 11.04 DIY 🐟

You succumbed to our novelty, the 11.04 DIY and we thank you! Our 11.04 sneaker is the result of meticulous development work and craftsmanship. Mo...

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Du nouveau pour nos distributeurs !

News for our distributors!

Our new space dedicated to distributors is online on Ankorstore! Ankorstore is a platform that aims to facilitate exchanges between brands and dist...

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Le calendrier de l'Avent Allemandi

Allemandi Advent Calendar

This year, Allemandi offers you its version of the Advent calendar. follow us on Instagram and discover a version of our sneaker every day alongsid...

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Black Friday

Black Friday

Every year, Black Friday pushes us to consume more. We buy products that we don't really need or even really want just because the price is attract...

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La 11.04 dans la presse

11.04 in the press

The Allemandi sneakers are in the spotlight in Gala! The style of the 11.04 and the philosophy of Allemandi caught the attention of the magazine, w...

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Le soin


Discover our maintenance tips for the 11.04 sneakers.

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L'art du détail

The art of detail

We have taken particular care in developing a box suitable for your pair of Allemandi sneakers. They will be delivered to you in this two...

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The embossing

The distinctive sign of the 11.04: embossing. Discover the know-how necessary to create this particularity.

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